Planning and managing for design safety issues is crucial. You’ve created some beautiful designs that you’re committed to deliver. However, you might not have thought about the construction design and management that come with it.

We understand why: health and safety is unlikely to be the area of the project you’re most excited to deliver. Yet, to make sure you’re fully-compliant in design hazard management, it’s perhaps the most essential.

At Topaz Health & Safety, we provide expertise and knowledge that you might not have in-house. As a designer CDM advisor, we plan, manage and coordinate health and safety in both the pre-construction and construction stages of your project.


Delays can cause huge complications, especially before your project’s begun. That’s why we review your design safety issues before work starts. We look at existing information, dealing with any gaps in detail. Then, we can advise you what additional surveys and reports you need.

The issues can include district heating, utilities, rail and waterway restrictions, mining concerns and flood risk. They may be even more complex, concerning unexploded devices, non-native invasive species, and legionella, ecological or archaeological problems. Whatever the issues, we have the design hazard management skills to tackle them.


After we’ve prepared the preconstruction information for designers and contractors, we bring the full design team together. This makes sure everyone is aware of potential design safety issues so they can identify, manage and eliminate foreseeable risks.

We make sure that everyone in the project cooperates and communicates, coordinating the construction team from initial brief to final handover. We also liaise with the principal contractor, keeping them informed of risks that need to be controlled during construction.


We can provide more support to your team, running a design hazard review workshop that helps them identify potential issues.We make this straightforward, accessible and engaging to get your team on board with any design safety issues. We can also prepare and coordinate your health and safety file and provide a CDM procedures review, so you know you’re meeting construction design and management regulations.

If you think design safety management sounds like a complicated hassle, let us handle it for you.