Every risk assessment is different. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach for a project, meaning it’s not always easy to know which design safety process is the right one for you.

As design CDM advisors, we work in an advisory role with designers to help facilitate best practice. We show you how to tackle design safety issues, introduce design hazard management, and help with risk assessment in a way that’s engaging and informative.


We can advise on many areas of construction design and management, subject to project knowledge, needs and scope.

Design safety processes may look complicated. However, with my help, it will all be clear. We look at notes on your drawings, explaining how the processes will work with design health and safety in mind. Then, we’ll tackle the paperwork, so you don’t have to. We can facilitate workshops and, if you need guidance on legal compliance, we can step in and make sense of it for you.


We’ve helped a range of clients across multiple industries, each with a clear knowledge of their field but without construction health and safety expertise.

A recent project was alongside David Haigh of Marsh Designs. A building his team were working on required installation of a significant number of structural beams. To reduce risk, David called Topaz Health & Safety to tackle complex issues around sequencing and logistics.

We undertook a thorough design safety review of the building. With CDM regulations in mind, hazard management issues arose: the building’s only method of access was via a main road. Therefore, longer beams couldn’t be used: the structural beams needed to be spliced so they could be slid into the building.

Design safety issues were resolved with my input. However, the design change also meant installing the beams was an easier task, and required no traffic management on the main road. Bringing us on board as designer CDM advisor saved hassle, cost and complications, and gave the client complete peace of mind.

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