As a contractor, you’re the expert at the work you do. You meet budgets, set time frames and complete projects to client satisfaction.

You also need to be certain your health and safety policy meets construction design and management regulations to protect you and your clients from risk. This might seem complex. However, good health and safety compliance helps reduce both delays and costs on site.

That’s where Topaz Health & Safety step in. As construction safety advisors, we work with both principal contractors and contractors to prepare health and safety procedures, policies and tools to meet CDM regulations on site.


We begin by reviewing the type of work you do. Then, we write health and safety procedures tailored to your business. We help you prepare site-specific risk assessments and method statements to meet CDM regulations and make sure you’re working as a safe contractor.

What’s more, we know your health and safety policy shouldn’t simply cover the general hazards of doing a job. We can help prepare your construction phase plans. We’ll carry out site safety audits, delivering construction health and safety advice as we monitor each stage of your project. This includes looking at delivery routes, site logistics, and vertical and horizontal lead distribution.


Your workers on site see the day-to-day problems you’re facing. You need to share your health and safety procedures with them to get that two-way communication that’s essential for safety on site.

As construction health and safety advisors, we’ll consult with your workers to bring their health and safety ideas to life. This also allows us to assess the skills, knowledge and experience of your contractors and suppliers, helping build a strong team.

Handing your team a list of construction health and safety regulations can make the process seem a bit dull. So we do things differently. We know involving your team means they’ll be more engaged, more aware and more likely to work as safe contractors. We provide tool-box talks on a variety of health and safety subjects, which we can deliver or guide you to deliver yourself.

Working together not only supports a safer environment but helps construction mental health too. Construction health initiatives and schemes, such as Mates in Mind, all contribute to improved workplace mental health, as well as physical safety.


We know there’s a wide variety of issues that you might face on site. We’re used to swiftly handling problems, from construction dust to hand arm vibration syndrome.

For complete construction safety, we’ll prepare you for hazards you might face, such as providing face fit testing for respiratory
protective equipment. Our extensive experience means we’re great at problem solving for unseen issues.

If you’re concerned about any aspect of your
construction health and safety management, ask us how we can help.