Your duties under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations can seem complex. Yet they don’t have to cause worry, stress and delay. At Topaz Health & Safety, we can make sure you’re meeting your duties under CDM regulations. There are several ways we can do this.

Build your team

It’s essential to have the right people around you. we’ll assess the competency of your design and construction team. Are they the best people for the job? Getting the right team in place gets your project off to a flying start.

Manage and Organise your Project

Architects and lead designers might not want to take on the role of principal designer. Their health and safety knowledge may be limited.  They might not have much experience collating preconstruction information or reviewing construction phase plans. Let me help. As your principal designer, we’ll make sure all the principal designer duties  are taken care of.

Allow Enough Time

Rushing a project is common but concerning. Not only can urgency damage cash flow, it’s often when accidents happen. If they’re investigated, it can lead to delays, fines and prosecutions. Instead, We become part of the team effort to get your timescales right from the start. Together, we’ll help avoid risks and keep projects on track.

Provide Information to Designers and Contractors

To be CDM compliant and meet your duties under the construction (design and management) regulations, you need to know what information you need to give contractors and designers, and when. Get the right information across early on and you’ll help your team to plan, budget, and work around any potential issues.

Work with us and we’ll identify what information you need to provide and help you to procure the right surveys for your project. This can include site logistics plans for contractors so they can quote accurately and access facilities to avoid unexpected costs.

Communicate and Coordinate

A third party helps you see things differently. When you’re close to a project, and heavily involved, it can be tricky to change your perspective. As an objective team member, We’ll help you identify practical solutions to save money.

Put the correct construction phase plan in place

Principal contractors often prepare a construction phase plan. The plan contains a great deal of health and safety information, which needs to be correct. It’s key to get it right first time: remember, the construction phase cannot start until a construction phase plan is in place. Gain peace of mind knowing we’ve reviewed the plan for you and made sure the right information is in there.

Monitor your site

Once the construction phase plan is in place, it must be followed. Let us make sure that everything’s in order. As a construction health and safety advisor, we’ll monitor health and safety on site by carrying out inspections and audits. we’ll ensure the project is being run safely and the principal contractor is working to their construction phase plan, minimising risk and ensuring CDM regulation compliance.

We can monitor health and safety procedures on site by undertaking inspections and audits. These ensure the project is run in a safe manner and that the principal contractor is working to their construction phase plan.

Prepare a Health and Safety File

A construction health and safety file is a record of how a building is constructed and how it is maintained.  Meet all compliances and pass inspections first time with a file prepared by me. We can coordinate how it’s put together, using various formats, and securely store it in the Cloud.

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